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MonteCarlo Jackpot

Monte Carlo Jackpot is awarded to a player who has the strongest hand, in case the winning combination matches the settings.

Please, note that in order to trigger jackpot the player must use both of his hole cards to create the highest possible hand. Also there’s an additional requirement for players with one of the following combinations: Four Of a Kind, Full House, Three Of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair. Players with combinations from the list above must have a pocket pair (when two of the player’s hole cards make a pair) to win jackpot.

Rakeback – Get Paid to Play

Each time you play a hand of online poker a small percentage of the pot is taken, or raked, by the house. Getting a portion of this money back is called: rakeback.

The rakeback at poker rooms varies, but on average you can receive 30% to 50% of your monthly rake back in your online poker account. In a single month you could receive payments from $50 to $10,000+.

The bottom line is: if you’re serious about increasing your profits then you need rakeback.

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